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Our mission at Bright Care ABA is to experience the joy of putting a smile on our perfect children. We provide quality individualized Applied Behavior Analysis services to families affected by a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays.
At Bright Care ABA, every child receives individualized and direct one-on-one therapy to ensure his or her goals are met. Our therapists work exclusively with children, and our focus is to incorporate and train with methods and practices tailored to helping children succeed. At Adroit Children, the goal is to help our children become self-sufficient and productive in their environments, while growing in their independence. We value the dreams parents have for their children, and it is our mission to guide and support families and educators to make them a reality!


Behavioral Intervention: Bright Care ABA offers comprehensive behavioral intervention services, the next step after a functional assessment. Behavioral intervention consists of an individualized behavior plan designed specifically for your child's goals. The behavior protocol is implemented by a trained ABA therapist, under the direct supervision of a LBA/BCBA. The plan will consist of positive reinforcement, and address deficits and the acquisition of skills.

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